An amazing dilemma is happening in the Business of 1 community.

We’ve got so many people with the same problem – too many referrals, too many clients you can’t service them all.

What an awesome problem to have! I love this problem. It’s a problem that I’ve had throughout the development of my business and it’s a problem I see with so many of the people who come through my mentoring programs. It’s exciting. But at times it can be debilitating and at times it can paralyze us and at times it can makes us question what on earth it is that we’re doing and why are we doing it.

Let me tell you – the answer is not increased busyness. The answer is not to take on every referral. ‘What is the answer?’ I hear you say.

Well that all depends on your criteria for success.

If your criteria for success is to be the expert and to be the only person who can do what it is that you can do, and you don’t want to train other people and you don’t want to have a team – that’s ok. But that means that you have to say no.

There’s going to get to a point where you have a waiting list, and you either keep adding to your waiting list or you say no. When you’ve got a waiting list and when you’re at the point where you’ve got to say no, can I also challenge you that that’s the point that you need to put your prices up? Just a random thought because you’ve obviously in that much demand.

So what else can you do?

You can say no and never take on a referral, and you can retrain your customers to let them know that you will let them know when you are available. Lots of risk here. Lots of risk, because chances are they’re going to go somewhere else, and especially if you’re not available for around 90 days, three months. That’s how long it takes for people to go somewhere else – 90 days.

The other thing you can do is start to build a team. But I hear you say ‘Jo, nobody wants my team, they all want me so it doesn’t matter anyway!’ Yeah that’s great – YOU need to believe in your team as much as your market does! The problem here is that you don’t believe in your team, you still believe that you are the only person who can deliver what it is that you can deliver. And that might be true – but what can your team members do that you can’t? What does your team members do that is better than what you do?

You can go and retrain your market, and the best thing you can say to your market is ‘I trust my team’. Best way to be able to build your team without compromising anyone’s credibility, without being unethical, without promising what you can’t deliver.

Now I know that there are some really cluey people in the Business of 1 community, so I’m interested to know, of those of you out there who have actually experienced this, where you have had too many clients and you haven’t been able to service them – what have you done? What’s worked for you? Because there may be more ideas out there than I’ve come up with, than I’ve experienced. Put your comments below, let us know what it is. Let us use each other as a resource and be able to encourage and empower ourselves to actually do a really good job and do the work we love the way we love to do it.

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Ta Jo

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