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Belief #4 :From 9 beliefs of remarkably successful people

Experience is irrelevant.  Accomplishments are everything

Okay I found this a little hard to swallow personally, after all I have 20 years experience behind me.  However I must admit, there are people with less experience who can do what I do with more vigour,  greater prowess, and with more time and cost efficiency.  That’s a part of the legacy I leave; what they have learned from my contribution –  and they make it better!

Successful people don’t need to describe themselves using hyperbolic adjectives like passionate, innovative, drive.  They can just describe, hopefully in a humble way, what they have done. 

Are you an education junkie?  Do you feel the need to be more educated before you implement?  STOP IT!  go implement something this week, and prove to yourself that you know what to do.

Here’s to your success.

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