Hey Fabulous Health  Professionals,

I hope you’ve been following my 3-part series on how to go from a great idea in your private practice to actual income. You can check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already.

In the final installment of this series, we tie everything together with the glue that is relationship marketing. I hear you saying:

 –  Jo, what the hell is relationship marketing? I don’t have time to learn another “thing”!

Well here is the good news. You already do relationship marketing every. single. day. Seriously! As a health practitioner, your bread and butter IS rapport-building. This is relationship building. This is the foundation of your practice. And this is what you must leverage to make your practice grow – and thrive.

So if you have an idea or a fantastic service that you think people NEED to know about, get your rapport-building hat back on.


Relationship marketing: You scratch my back…

It’s time to love some people up. I want you to pick FIVE people in your industry who you know have access to your ideal clients. And I want you to build a relationship with them, the exact same way that you build rapport with your clients. Build a genuine relationship – you know, the kind where you care about their problems, and take an interest in what they do. Just build a relationship like you do with all of your clients every day – and make sure you maintain it!

I  know a lot of health practitioners feel really gross about building relationships for the point of sales – it feels a bit narcissistic, doesn’t it?

Then let’s flip the switch.

Forget about marketing, forget about sales for now, and just get to know some people, get to know their problems, and get to know how you might be able to solve their problems too. After all, isn’t the reason for why you do what you do… to help people? Isn’t this what your awesome service or product will do?

This is relationship marketing – you already do it everyday. Use your love of helping people to your advantage, make some real connections, and shed the fear around sharing your great ideas and services with others.

Are you ready for a challenge?

I know this is a big idea to get your head around. So if you still want more, are ready to implement and see results, sign up here for my free webinar series on how to build a thriving practice AND you’ll receive priority access to the free relationship marketing challenge I’m offering in November.

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