Like many health professionals, I spent my early years in private practice floundering from one mistake to the next; spending way too much time on unnecessary administration and living in a state of overwhelm and perpetual burn out.

I was extremely focused on my clinical skills and selling my time for money. I really wasn’t very serious as a ‘business’ person and spent hours thinking about what I was going to do instead of rehabilitation counselling. Sadly, what I didn’t realise at the time was that I was already doing what I wanted to do – I wanted to be in private practice, having my own business and making an incredible impact on the world; I just needed to do it differently.

Don’t waste the next year thinking that the bigger, better thing is on its way, because this is the thing that brings great joy, fulfilment and allows you to lead the lifestyle that right now in the beginning feels like it’s almost wrong to want.

Information Overload!

STOP double handling so much information. I know you do it – I did it too! I used to make phone calls, then write up the hand notes and then type them up – how ridiculous is that? There is just too much time and effort wasted on double handling information. Start to develop systems and think more strategically about how you use information and the purpose of information. Map out how information comes into your practice and what you need to do with it; because you will be amazed at how you can use 1 piece of information 5 ways and cut down your admin time by HEAPS (give yourself back at least 3 hours a week)

Are you a Practice Manager or an Accountant?

Right now, I bet you are the most highly paid and least qualified bookkeeper in the country. Do you really need to learn how to do your own tax reporting? – I don’t think so. It’s time to recruit and use a bookkeeper and pay them to do this for you. Do what you are excellent at, and outsource what you don’t need to do. Find someone who actually knows how to do book keeping so that you can take some of that extra pressure off yourself

Learn to say ‘NO’!

Practise saying NO to the clients and services you don’t want to provide. You will always have a full practice and a waiting list. Don’t keep saying yes and feeling overwhelmed by all the client’s you have. Practise saying “NO”, and only work with those clients you can add the most value to. You need to practise often to get good at this. This issue will plague you until you learn this key factor and put it to use.

Understand That Time Is Money – So Use It Wisely

I would hazard a guess that you are currently selling your time for money. It maybe the number of session you need to book each week. It may be the number of client’s you need to see each week. Yes you have freedom and flexibility that you didn’t have as an employee but watch out. You really need to invest in getting to know yourself and your expectations of time, resources and your energy because selling your time for money is a limit to building your business.

5 Essential Reminders (Put it in the front of your diary and remind yourself daily)

  1. Never undervalue your time – outsource the work you don’t need to do
  2. Don’t double handle information.
  3. Build systems – and use them!
  4. Never compete on price
  5. Invest in Sales and Marketing – there’s no point in simply put a sign up on a door somewhere and expect referrals to arrive

It’s time to STOP overwhelm and paralysis and get moving! If you want to find out the 3 simple steps to create marketing systems that added thousands to my business – and that are now revolutionising my client’s businesses too – click here for access to my 3 free videos where I’ll also show you how to create a steady stream of clients, charge what your worth AND get it!

Here’s to your success






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